Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jelly's Gold (Rushmore McKenzie) by David Housewright

Rushmore McKenzie, rich ex-cop, is asked by an old female friend to help out with a special treasure hunt... To find the lost gold of thirties gangster Frank Nash. When people starts dying McKenzie learns everybody wants the gold and some people will do anything to get it.
Not only is this the story of McKenzie's hunt but also an interesting look at the St. Paul of the 1930's, a very interesting time for those interested in crime.
David does a good job in mixing this story (via letters, historical documents and eyewitness accounts) with McKenzie's investigation.
As always McKenzie is a very likable hero, always trying to what's right, living up to his personal code like Spenser does. In fact, for those who are tiring of reading the same Spenser-story over and over again this might be a great change of pace. Also, kudos to David for telling a PI-story without the more standard plots like looking for a missing child or standard homicides.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vanish (Nick Heller) by Joseph Finder

Nick Heller is an investigator for a high-priced investigation corporation. When his brother is missing he sets out to find out what happened. During his investigation he explores the bond with his comic book loving nephew, his father and his brother. Through these subplots Joseph manages effectively to tell the story of a Jack Reacher like tough guy but without making him a one-dimensional superhero.
Joseph did his research as well as always, adding a lot of high-tech security specialist details to the corporate knowledge he's been showing off in his standalones. Also, he's learly done his homework concerning what a teenage kid like Nick's nephew would be interested in, referencing not only comic books but also rockbands like Slipknot.
The start of a new series, this is one hero who's sure to be on the bestseller lists for years to come.