Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loser's Town (David Spandau) by Daniel Depp

Bobby Dye, a young actor is being threatened and hires PI and ex-stuntman David Spandau to protect him. Spandau quickly finds out there's more to this case than Bobby tells him, coming into conflict with a tough mobster. Along the way we follow his sidekick Terry and a thug called Potts.
It's no wonder this novel gives you a really realistic feeling look at Hollywood since the author is the brother of famous actor Johnny Depp. That makes the character Bobby Dye that more interesting.
An even more interesting hero is Spandau's sidekick Terry, a Lord of the Rings loving Irish ex-soldier who manage to steal every scene he's in.
Potts is a great character as well, a thug that you start to like but will hate at the end. A pity these great characters make David Spandau appear a bit boring.
Some people might think Daniel got his publishing deal because of his brother. Read this novel and you will know these people are wrong.