Friday, March 30, 2007

The Hard Way (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is not officially PI but as he himself states in this novel is an unofficial one.
In this thriller he’s hired to track down the kidnapped wife of a private mercenary organisation’s owner. During this quest he teams up with an attractive and relatively older woman, an ex-FBI agent and PI. It might not be a surprise he ends up sleeping with her as he does with most female leads in the series, especially if they’re FBI.
Soon Reacher discovers things are not what they seem which takes him to the English countryside where he battles the bad guys. Must’ve been nice for UK writer Child to base a story in his native country for once.
Overall it’s an okay entry in the series. Reacher is busy being the ultimate Reacher again (being sexy, ruthless and being able to tell time without a clock). There seems to be less violence then we’re used to (except for the last chapters) but still it’s a very entertaining read.

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