Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Next Time You Die (Lee Henry Oswald) by Harry Hunsicker

The PI with the unfortunate last name returns and it's a hoot! Hired by a preacher to locate a missing file Oswald is confronted with this criminal childhood friend Billy Barringer. Along the way he drives through Texas in a Bentley facing thugs, lowlifes and fake tits.
There are several twists and turns in this incredibly fast-paced narrative. Much tighter, more efficiently written than the first novel you just can't put this one down. It had the whole '24' feel going. It reads like a mixture of a Roberto Rodriguez movie and a Spenser novel.
Oswald is again a very cool PI who's a bit of a bum sometimes, makes several stupid mistakes (like putting the batteries of nightvision goggles) in his remote but also know how to fight the baddies and how to take a punch.
Very, very enjoyable.

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