Friday, August 8, 2008

Dirty South (Nick Travers) by Ace Atkins

I am really sorry Ace Atkins has not been giving us new stories featuring blues historian Nick Travers. This last novel in the series is a good example why. The atmosphere is fantastic and Nick a tough but very human kind of character. The feeling of the novel is very ‘modern’ while it still has that good old hardboiled flavour we all love.
Both the blues world and the rap world are described very vividly as Nick tries to help out an old friend, now rap producer who owes a dangerous man a lot of money. Too bad his newest, 15-year old star (a fantastic character!) was just conned out of a lot of cash himself. People get killed, Nick’s life is threatened, shady characters show up and mysteries are solved. Great stuff!
As good as Ace’s newest more literate novels might be I still hope he’ll be returning to Nick soon.

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