Friday, August 14, 2009

The Silent Hour (Lincoln Perry) by Michael Koryta

Ignoring Harrison Parker's letters for quite some time PI Lincoln Perry is visited by Parker in person. Parker is an ex-con, a killer who participated in a special program, meant to habilitate violene offenders like him. He wants to hire Perry to find out what happened to the missing founders of the program.
Finally Perry agrees to take the case, but has to work without his partner, Joe Pritchard who's snowbirding in Florida.
What starts out as a more or less regular investigation turns out into quite some soulsearching when Perry starts to question if he's in the right job. This elevates the novel above the standard, but enjoyable earlier Lincoln Perry outings.
It seems Koryta's standalone (Envy the Night) gave Perry just the amount of downtime needed to come back better then ever.

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