Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Water Hazard (Huck Doyle) by Don Dahler

Are you into investigators like Elvis Cole, Rush McKenzie or Tres Navarre? Or are you into golf? Then this is a novel for you. Returning after the debut A Tight Lie golfer and PI Huck Doyle is back in action. He not only competes into a golf tournament, he also investigates the death of a friend's dad. Evidence points at the Chinese government, but you won't ever guess who's responsible for his death in a great surprise ending.
Huck is a very endearing character, a great hero to identify with and absolutely not a superhero. His dad is, though. I enjoyed the return of psycho sidekick and father Pete, a great over the top asskicker.
The mystery is nicely paced, there's enough humor to alleviate the darker elements and there's some great cyber-detecting. Good stuff.

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