Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buried Secrets (Nick Heller) by Joseph Finder

Joseph again mixes the PI novel with the more standard action thriller with great success in his second Nick Heller book. Private spy Heller is asked by an old friend to track down his missing daughter. It turns out she's been buried alive, hence the title. Employing all his special army skills and contacts in the financial world Nick uncovers a political scandal and takes on some dangerous (Russian) bad guys.
The writing is very fast-paced, real Hollywood movie material and the ticking clock enhances the suspense. What I also liked is the fact the story really feels ''modern'', with the technology being in the now as well as the way the kids are being portrayed. This is the kind of stuff that shows the PI novel has a way to exist in the future and doesn't need to be outdated.

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