Monday, August 13, 2012

The Butterfly Forest (Sean O'Brien) by Tom Lowe

I was worried we'd be without Sean O'Brien after it seemed Tom Lowe's publishing deal wasn't renewed. Luckily, Tom struck out on his own, self-publishing the third Sean O'Brien tale.
Sean is a Gulf War veteran and ex-cop living on a houseboat. When he rescues a mother and daughter from a killer he gets involved with pagan rituals and drug dealers.
There's some nice poetic passages involving butterflies and what they can represent. These scenes are countered by some action-packed passages that seem to come out of a Lee Child novel.
Sean is THE private eye, even if he isn't an official one. He's very, very tough and a great investigator. His feelings for his deceased wife is endearing and his sacrifices to protect the mother and child enforce his heroism. I long to see O'Brien return, just because he has all the qualities I need in a fictional hero.
It's an entertaning, well-written novel. The only qualm I have is with the page count. The second O'Brien novel was a bit shorter and that made it pack more of a punch. Now some plots seemed to be drawn out a bit too long.

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