Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stateline (Dan Reno) by Dave Stanton

Dan Reno takes some time off from the PI agency where he works to investigate the death of a tycoon's son who gets killed just before his wedding.
His investigations take him from the cold Sierras to the hot Nevada desert as he takes on a bunch of crooked cops.
There's not much news to this novel, but some stuff stands out. I've read a lot about PI's who talk to hookers in investigations but it's not often they sleep with him. Reno had a bit of a booze problem, but is not a real recovering alcoholic. He started out as a cop, became a bounty hunter, then a PI.
The ride is enjoyable enough, though I didn't care too much for the basic plot. Still, I'm going to read a few others in this series to see if the flaws get better because I see some promise in Dan Reno.

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