Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dan Spalding Mystery Collection (Dan Spalding) by Richard Prosch

This is a lot of bang for your buck. Collecting three Dan Spalding mystery novels in one low-priced little ebook I had to snap this one up.
In the first of the stories collected ex-cop and record store owner Dan Spalding looks into the death of shoplifter and gets involved with the murder of an entertainer. In the second story he is hired to protect a college professor who is being threatened. The third tale (that I reviewed before when it came out first) has him help out a buddy who blackmails the wrong person.
These are fine tales. The fact Spalding owns a record store is fun as are the playlists added to the stories. Spalding is a pretty cool tough guy with his bike and leather jacket which adds a bit of a pulp flavor to the stories which I enjoyed. Add to that his interesting and sexy employee / girlfriend and their developing relationship and some nice and clean prose and you have an entertaining read on your hands.

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