Monday, November 5, 2007

Mask Market (Burke) by Andrew Vachss

Take a ride in Burke's Plymouth as he takes you to the dark and violent streets of New York City... In his trademark tough guy, straightforward and ultra-hardboiled style Vachss tells about how Burke, the urban mercenary and avenger of abused kids, is contacted to recover a girl he recovered 20 years ago. When the guy to contact him is killed he wants to get to the bottom of why this happened and especially what it means to him.
Not the most exciting plot he's ever written but you can still feel how authentic it is. The fun in a Vachss novel is not the surprises and storyline but the way he comments about the dark side of the world we live in.
I did note Burke seemed a bit softer this time around though, and the special gift to his girl Loyal (just love the names Vachss gives the ladies) was a nice, refreshing ending.

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