Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now & Then (Spenser) by Robert B. Parker

Spenser is back… And he’s brought the rest of the gang with him! Chollo, Vinnie and Hawk all show up to help him out, not to mention most of the contacts in all sorts of agencies.

When he’s hired to find out if a woman is cheating on her FBI-husband she turns up dead. Of course Spenser gets involved, especially because he identifies with the husband since he’s reminded of the time his lover Susan was with another man. This personal stake makes the novel a bit more interesting and personal than most novels. Also, Spenser investigates why and if he and Susan should get married.

It’s like Parker managed to get the emotional feel of the recent Jesse Stone novels and insert them into another wisecrack- and action packed instalment of the Spenser series, giving us a satisfying read.

I’ve been a Spenser fan for about 15 years now and novels like these will make sure I can stay one.

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