Friday, September 19, 2008

Pretty Girl Gone (Mac McKenzie) by David Housewright

Rushmore McKenzie always strikes me as Spenser if he were a real person. By that I mean he can be witty, he can be tough and take on the bad guys but without turning into a superhero. Sure, he might take a bullet wound with a bit more ease than your average joe, but his character keeps being believable, even if he is a rich ex-cop doing favours for friends (a premise perhaps less believable). Also, while he loves his girlfriend, in this novel he is unfaithful to her, sleeping with a pretty sheriff. Not nice, but human.
Bringing him to this sheriff is a favour he’s doing for an old flame who’s married to a governor. She’s being blackmailed by an unknown party that says her husband killed his girlfriend many years ago. Mac sets out to investigate this in the small town called Victoria. There he delves into the victim’s past, stumbling on meth-cookers. While several people try to keep him from finding out the truth, McKenzie perseveres and uncovers several shocking truths.
Very readable, a good mystery with a satisfying amount of action and drama.

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