Friday, January 30, 2009

Chasing Darkness (Elvis Cole) by Robert Crais

The World’s Greatest Detective, Elvis Cole is back!
The dead body turns up of a man who was suspected of several killings. Years ago Elvis managed to prove his innocence. With the body pictures are found of the victims, giving the impression he was guilty after all. This gives Elvis a personal reason to investigate, clashing not only with several cops who hate his guts but also with the family of one of the victims.
There’s one chapter told from the perspective of the star of Demolition Angel, now a regular in the Cole-series, Starkey. Although I enjoyed it seemed a bit out of place and I’m guessing that if Robert Crais wasn’t a superstar writer and editor would’ve asked him to cut the scene. All other chapters are from Cole’s perspective, giving the novel more of the feel of the older Cole novels.
There are several plot twists and the pacing is quite okay for the most part. The ending left me a bit wanting though. It seemed to come too sudden and too easy.
So, as a final verdict: not as good as Crais can be, but still a good read.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was a return to form for Crais, but I definitely agree about the Starkey chapter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.
But i still like to read the Robert Crais.

Author said...

Love Elvis and Joe and this is a great book as usual. have to agree that the 'Starkey Chapter' was a little out of context, but it doesn't setract from the enjoyment. I guess Mr Crais just wanted to get in her head for a while so new readers would understand her more. Looking forward to the next (heard a whisper that we're going to get another Joe Pike stand-alone. Can't wait).