Friday, January 23, 2009

Tough As Leather is OUT NOW

It’s finally available: TOUGH AS LEATHER – The Noah Milano Collection by Jochem Vandersteen, webmaster of

NOAH MILANO is a Los Angeles security specialist who's not afraid to get a little action in. And who has more than a few "family" problems. Because, in his case, his family is "the family."You see, he's the estranged son of a mobster and this, as his creator puts it, "creates a big deal of tension and more than a few problems." Fiercely independent, and determined to sever all ties with his past, Noah has to adjust from being a spoiled mobster son to being an independent operator with little money. Fortunately he's learned a great deal about security from his years as his dad's personal bodyguard. Perhaps in penance, he now uses these skills to earn an honest (well, relatively) living.
- As described by Kevin Burton Smith on

In this collection all of his short stories are collected in one handy volume, featuring introductions by great PI writers like: Lori B. Armstrong, Les Roberts, Robert J. Randisi, Dave White, Wayne D. Dundee, Mark Coggins, Ace Atkins and Sean Chercover.

Praise for the Noah Milano short stories:

‘’Noah Milano character rings completely true as a tough, lone-wolf private eye.’’ - Jeremiah Healy author of Turnabout and The Only Good Lawyer

“Terrific stuff.’’ - Lori G. Armstrong, author of Snowblind

'Noah Milano walks in the footsteps of the great P.I,.'s, but leaves his own tracks." - Robert J. Randisi, founder of PWA and The Shamus Award

Jochem's deep and abiding love for classic pulp fiction comes through on every page, and his stories continue the time-honored tradition of the hardboiled American PI." -Sean Chercover, author of Trigger City.

The book is available via:


Kevin Burton Smith said...

Nice blog on Noah.

Except you forgot to mention who wrote it. Me.

It's taken almost word for word from my web site. I see you used it as the back cover copy of TOUGH AS LEATHER as well, again without credit.

I may not be as big a name as Sean and Dave and all the others, but considering THRILLING DETECTIVE took a chance and published your first story about Milano, I'm a little disappointed here...

jvdsteen said...

Sorry about that, Kevin. It seems I forgot that description's origin.
I will give credit where it is due.