Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Sons of 2010

As I do every year I want to share with you my favorite PI-stuff of the year.

BEST PI NOVEL: Big Bang by Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins
BEST DEBUT: Rogue Island by Bruce DeSilva
BEST NEW PI: Jimmy Boone (in This Wicked World) by Richard Lange
BEST ACTION SCENES: The Taking of Libbie, SD by David Housewright

Honorable mentions go to Lori Armstrong for her new series featuring Mercy Gunderson that promises to be as good as the Julie Collins books and Nick Quantrill for the most exciting non-US novel of the year.


Richard Lange said...

Thanks for the mention!

Max Allan Collins said...

I am thrilled by this honor. Thank you.

Right now I am completing (one chapter to go) THE CONSUMMATA, Mickey's unfinished sequel to THE DELTA FACTOR.

And in May, please look for the third of the Spillane/Collins Mike Hammer collaborations, KISS HER GOODBYE.