Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free E-book: Sons of Spade Split Novella series

As a writer I’m always interested in new ways to get my stories out there. As a fan of the PI genre I’m always looking for ways to promote the genre and it’s writers. As a rock reporter I’m well aware of the split EP’s that artists use to promote their stuff. A split album (or split) is a music album which includes tracks by two or more separate artists.
A split allows more than one artist to split the production costs for one release. The same can also apply to the promotional costs of a single release. Splits also allow bands to expose their music directly to another band's fanbase. Usually, the bands on a split are of a similar musical genre.
The idea of a split seemed like a great way to reach my goals. So, I started to look for authors interested in participating. The first guy I thought of was Tim Wohlforth, since I’d been enjoying his short stories online and I figured he wasn’t popular enough yet. I was in luck, he was willing to provide me with a Jim Wolf short story.

The result is available for my visitors for free! Just e-mail me at and put ''free split novella'' in the subject. Also, comments about this venture are welcome as well. If you're a crime writer and want to be featured in a split novella as well, let me know.


wayne d. dundee said...

Jochem - The Split Novella concept sounds very intriguing (harking back to the old Ace Double paperbacks). And if the first entry featuring you and Mr. Wohlforth is any indication, then readers are in for some double-barreled fun. Best of luck with the undertaking. Persevere - WD

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