Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No Hard Feelings (August Riordan) by Mark Coggins

I was happy to get an advance review copy of this one. It's been some time since we last saw Mark Coggins' August Riordan, but here he is.
This is a pretty much different kind of book than earlier ones in this series. Earlier ones starred Riordan in a bit less effective Philip Marlowe, in this book he's more a less effective Jack Reacher.
Winnie, a tough girl from earlier book Vulture Capital returns, wearing some high-tech implants that enable her to walk. The man behind the implants wants his hardware back though, and Winnie enlists Riordan for help. What follows is a summer blockbuster kind of ride full of action, thrills and some romance.
I'm not entirely sure if I like the fact this series is moving into thriller instead of mystery territory, but it sure was an engaging and fun read.

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