Friday, November 27, 2015

Scar Tissue (Finn Harding) by Trace Conger

The first book in this series was very popular, even nabbing a Shamus Award. That should make this book extra popular.
Set just a little while after the first book we follow Finn Harding as he agrees to help out his ex-wife's new love. This guy is working at a hospital and is being forced to steal drugs for a few bad guys. Finn is reluctant to help him out, but because the bad guys also threatened his ex-wife and his daughter he uses his unique methods to help. When the bad guys ask him to find a mysterious man called The Banker, who serves as a bank for criminals, he uses all his manhunting tricks and contacts to complete his mission.
We also meet his brother, an ex-Army man and there's a subplot involving his father who is also forced to take on some bad guys.
I again loved the unique character of Finn and his methodical ways. I thought the subplot with his father didn't add much to the book though. I also thought it a bit of coincidence his brother was ex-Army and involved with some semi-shady deals himself.

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