Friday, November 6, 2015

Varied Traits (Salem Reid) by Patrick Brown

Salem Reid makes Jack Reacher look soft-boiled. In the first part of the book we get to know Salem as the owner of a personal protection company, a tough but quite gentle guy. He falls for a woman he rescues in the first few pages.
He is asked by an old friend to investigate the death of a woman he found in his home. It turns out Salem has an extra personal stake and soon, together with some company friends, he's knee-deep into some depraved stuff. The last half of the book shows just how hardboiled and coldblooded a vigilante Salem can be.
I loved Salem, I loved how he's not a wisecracking PI but a professional soldier who goes about his business in a workman manner.
Patrick does a good job describing the supporting cast and excels in describing the tough lives of strippers and working girls. His depiction of the villains is very dark and scary.
I will be reviewing the second novel in this cool new series soon.

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