Friday, October 23, 2015

Unidentified Woman #15 (Rush McKenzie) by David Housewright

During some nasty weather Rush McKenzie barely avoids hitting a bound woman with his car. Helping her, he finds out she lost her memory and decides to aid her finding out who she is.
He ends up getting caught up with a ring of thieves, making good use of his criminal alter ego Dyson.
McKenzie, the unofficial PI with a lot of money in the bank is always nice to read about. He's got a lot of everyman about him, a lot more than guys like Reacher, Hammer or even Cole. That's what makes him such a nice character.
The main storyline I enjoyed less then I usually do, I'm just not sure I liked the villains / the main crime and I started to have a hard time knowing which character was who in the middle of the book.
Still, David Housewright doesn't write a bad book, so while this may not be my favorite in the series I still liked it and am looking forward to the next one.

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