Friday, October 23, 2015

The Man in the Window (Nick Forte) by Dana King

I'm so glad Dana King decided to contintue to write these Nick Forte books... He's just really good at it, understanding which dose of the legacy to follow and what new parts to add.
In this one he is hired to do some divorce work but when his client gets killed he becomes involved with a murder case that takes him to the worst corners of classic music, mobsters and terrorists.
I loved how Nick's relationship with his daughter was developed, a nice contrast to his tough side. In fact, as seems to be the path the book follows we see him getting rougher, tougher and darker book by book.
There are multiple twists in the end, two cool sidekicks, good action scenes and some pretty nifty Chanderlisms in this book, adding up to a perfect PI read.


Jack Getze said...

Halfway through and loving this novel. I always think PI books are a thing of the past until I pick up one of Dana's Nick Forte novels.

jvdsteen said...

That's what my blog is all about, Jack. Showing people there are still awesome PI books around...