Sunday, December 1, 2019

Behind The Wall of Sleep (Henry Malone) by James D.F. Hannah

Ex-State Trooper Henry Malone is back again with his AA buddy Woody. A local stripclub owner wants him to run for sheriff and he's hired to track down the money that got stolen at a local country concert.
Malone encounters some lowlife characters and situations that tug at his heartstrings. Malone again shows that he can be a tough guy when he deals with evil men but is also very human. As ever the dialogue is witty, the action fast and furious and the metaphors funny.
I just love how this book is very dark but always has a little bit of fun thrown in that make you able to come up for air in a dark river of violence and depravity.
This is one of my favorite series of the last few years and this new entry in the series proves again why that is.

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