Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beathing the Babushka (Cape Weathers) by Tim Maleeny

There's a reason why Cape Weathers made it as my favorite new PI for 2007. This novel is it. I enjoyed the first Weathers Investigation (Stealing the Dragon) but I just loved this one. Without the interruptions of Sally (the beautiful, Ninja-like 'psychotic' sidekick)'s back story we had in the first outing now Cape really gets the chance to shine. I was reminded at how much I enjoyed the first Elvis Cole novel (Monkey's Raincoat) because it was just so much fun to read. This one fits in the same mood. It's not a very deep and dark tale but it IS one hell of a fun-filled ride! Cape's wisecracks are great as are the funny lines uttered by the other characters. The action is fast and furious (just read how Cape takes on henchman Ursa) and the movie business background interesting.
Cape is hired to find out if a movie producer really killed himself. Along the way he visits movie sets, New York and Industrial Light & Magic. He takes on the Russian mob, is declared dead, plays chess with an aging mobster and uncovers a brilliant scheme to make a lot of money out of the movie business.
I'm looking forward to see Cape and Sally return in 2008!


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