Friday, December 21, 2007

Candy from Strangers (August Riordan) by Mark Coggins

A student of Hammett and Chandler Mark Coggins puts a nice spin on their works with the third August Riordan novel. It's not so much the suspense or mystery that got me to like this one but more so the ride over there. Almost every line was entertaining, that witty is the writing.
August is hired to track down the missing daughter of an alcoholic cop and discovers she's a webcamgirl. There's also the matter of a stolen bass and the dead body of a tattooed Japanese girl ending up on his doorstep. Facing bodybuilding tattoo artists, a drugdealer with the nickname The Professor and some help by his transvestite sidekick Chris he manages to solve the mysteries and wisecrack his way around on every page.
Although the subplot of the stolen bass seemed a little unnecessary to the rest of the book and I was a bit disappointed by 'whodunnit' I really enjoyed the read. I'll be sure to read the rest of the series.

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