Monday, December 17, 2007

Unborns Sons: Up from Tupelo by Gary McDonald

We present another novel that's not published yet. This is a story about a retired Army investigator who works as a P.I. He is hired by an insurance company to locate Elvis Presley. He thinks it’s a joke but pursues the effort because it’s a paying job.

Up From Tupelo


Gary McDonald

Chapter One

Post modern society is a chaotic scramble; a never ending battle of wits and values. Conservatives, liberals, radicals are all fighting for their stake in the so called American dream. They don’t know the dream is dead. Money killed it. The nastiest players in this cultural war are the wealthy. These are people who occupy the highest places of power. They finance the drug business both legal and otherwise, the sex business, and foreign wars. These people are the oil barons who manipulate gasoline prices, run big tobacco and all the rest. Crime runs rampant in the boardrooms of corporate America.

My name is Richard Dickerly. I’m a professional body hunter; a dick. I work out of my house on 57th avenue and Wadley Boulevard. My blog site screams Dick For Hire in contrasting colors and swirly gigs. It was built by my second ex-wife’s cousin-in-law who’s a computer genius. He likes me. Sure I get a lot of wise ass emails but I also get serious investigative work. I work for people like Mr. Nicholas Bradley who called one evening out of the blue.

“Richard Dickerly?”
“Ya got him”
“The private investigator?”
“A dick’s dick.” Silence. This means the guy is either confused or re-thinking the call. I want the work so venture forth into the unknown.
“I specialize in missing persons.”
The ploy works.
“You were highly recommended Mr. Dickerly.”
“With whom as I speaking?”
“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Nick Bradley. I’m the senior Vice President for Empire National Life Insurance Company and need you to find a client.”
I don’t respond so after a pause it’s as if he needs to impress me. “A very famous client.”
He’ll have to do better.
“I’m not cheap Mr. Bradley.”
“I fully understand. Meet me here in my office tomorrow morning at 9:00 sharp. It’ll be worth your time. We’re in the center of downtown. You can’t miss us. It’ll be easier talking face to face. I’ll explain everything.”
“I’ll be there.”
I hang up wondering who the famous client might be when Margo wafts into the room.

She smiles flashing beautiful white teeth and says, “Give it up big dick.” She leans over exposing everything from the waist up and kisses me. She’s wearing a sheer red teddy which compliments her naturally blonde hair nicely. Satin smooth skin is everywhere making it impossible to think about anything but Margo. I succumb and wrap my arms around her small waist burying my face into hair and skin. She smells like lilacs and Champaign. The rest of the evening is spent with the sexiest woman on the planet.

Gary Mc Donald is a retired Purchasing Agent who devotes himself to grandchildren and writing. His background includes a Master’s degree in management and several professional certifications in the procurement field. He's published a dozen articles in the Kansas City Commerce and its sister publication in St. Louis, Missouri. He's written a script that successfully sold automated cake decorating equipment. He's also in the Daily Bread published by Herald House. This is an annual devotional book in which he has 5 inspirational stories published. Currently he's still trying to get detective fiction published.