Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And Flesh And Blood So Cheap (Joe Hannibal) by Wayne Dundee

Aren't ebooks great? Here's a reprint of a Joe Hannibal novel that first came out in 2001. Joe is hired to prove an unpopular ladiesman wasn't responsible for killing a beloved member of a Wisconsin summer resort center. Along the way he falls for a female reporter and is hindered in his investigation by several persons not happy with his investigation.
It starts out as a standard PI investigation but turns into a pulpy action fest involving throwing stars, half-naked babes with machine guns and white slavery. It may sounds a bit seventies but as always Wayne manages to write a solid hardboiled novel that is never ashamed to be a good piece of entertaining hardboiled pulp without feeling dated.
Good reading if you dig like Mike Hammer or Matt Helm.

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