Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crosscut (Nicholas Colt) by Jude Hardin

After reading Pocket-47 I was sure Nicholas Colt couldn't be put through more misery than he went through already. This novel proves me wrong, very wrong.
When the MO of his old enemies from the cult Harvest Angels is used in another few killings Colt decides to investigate. He ends up being captured and brainwashed and involved in an evil plot larger than anything I've read in PI fiction. It's very, very dark and the punishment Colt is forced to take sometimes made me stop reading, just to take a breath and not be enveloped totally in it's darkness.
This one is more of a thriller in the David Baldacci mode than a PI mystery but the writing is excellent and Colt still an interesting character. He ends up in a state that will make it very challenging for Jude Hardin to write about him in the third novel, so even more interesting for us.

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Dana King said...

I downloaded this the other day and I'm looking forward to reading it. POCKET 47 was one of my favorites the year it came out, and CROSSCUT has been much anticipated.