Sunday, August 4, 2013

Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me (Vic Valentine) by Will Viharo

Vic Valentine spends his days and nights tracking down missing loved ones and jacking off to old movies. When he is hired to track down a ballplayer's missing lover the case gets very personal for Vic quickly.
This is as much a literary novel as it is a PI novel. It is about how lonesome a man's life can get and how hard it is to be a romantic and not get your heart broken time after time. I loved the references to B-movies and surf music as much as Valentine's wonderful voice. Anyone who has been lonely will find a lot in Vic to identify with.
Don't skip the intro by the writer, it is as interesting as the novel (which was published by Wild Cards Press years ago) and will make you understand the story better and give an understanding about why fantastic actor Christian Slater is painted on the cover.
Funny, tragic and dark. A great novel.

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