Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Win, Place, or Die (Milan Jacovich) by Les Roberts & Dan S. Kennedy

I am a huge Les Roberts fan. He's right up there with Robert B. Parker and Robert Crais for me. I love Milan Jacovich and like his sidekick KO Bannion at least as much. The dynamic duo of PI fiction is back again, investigating the unexplained death of a wealthy horse owner. The investigation takes Milan and KO to the darker corners of harness racing.
This story is very well researched, Les had some expert help of Dan S. Kennedy (a harness racer himself) and you can about smell the manure in some scenes.
There's a cool dog with an unusual name making sure there's some comic relief and the budding relationships of the private eyes with their ladies is developing just nicely.
As ever, KO is an interesting and fresh new PI and reading about Milan feels like catching up with an old friend again. More and more I feel these novels are as important to me because of those two guys as the (well-plotted) mystery.

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