Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ask Not (Nate Heller) by Max Allan Collins

It's like all the last couple of Heller books have been leading up to this one... Nathan Heller investigates the death of JFK, and with the 50-year anniversary of this tragic event it is of course an excellent moment to come out.
Helping Heller along is an amalgam of historical characters named Flo Kilgore who is so well-portrayed and given such a great background I really thought she was real.
With a novel like this, that is so full of research and in a historical setting, there is a great risk to become a boring read. Luckily, Max manages to add some funny scenes with Heller's son and the Beatles and of course infuses the Mickey Spillane style of pulp that made him famous. So, Heller still beds the strippers and is still a tough PI.
Be sure not to skip the notes after the story is over. It is fascinating to read how Max managed to put all thos historical events and people into an entertaining PI story.

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