Saturday, January 5, 2008

Assorted news for this month

Some bits and pieces of news for you:

John Connolly's The Unquiet is coming out in paperback in the UK this month. In the US it will be out in the summer. The follow-up The Reapers featuring Charlie Parker's gay hitmen / sidekicks Louis and Angel will come out in May. The next Parker novel, with the worktitle The Lovers is coming out in 2009.

Don't miss Killer Year, an anthology of writers involved with the Killer Year 'club' ( because it features Favorite Sons Ray Dudgeon (Chercover) and Jackson Donne (Dave White).

This month brings us the long-awaited return of Rob Kantner's Ben Perkins. I've been reading an advance copy and it's a joy to read. A review will be appearing soon but if you trust my early judgement, pick it up:

Last, but not least some things coming up on this very site: a Q & A with Clair Dickson, an original Joe Hannibal short story by Wayne Dundee and 2 new features: Background Check (detailed interviews with authors about their latest novel) and Gats & Getaway Cars in which we take a look at the guns the Sons of Spade shoot and the cars they drive. Stick with us during 2008!