Monday, January 14, 2008

The Chainsaw Ballet (Mike Duncavan) by Thomas J. Keevers

Mike Duncavan is a PI that deserves to be better known. He's a flawed character that drinks a bit too much Stoli, just can't stick to one woman and is angered too quickly. A disgraced cop and disbarred lawyer he of course has a few reasons to be angry. He doesn't take shit from anybody which leads him to beat up a thug with a sap and leave his bloody pants on the car of the thug's boss in this novel.
Mike is hired to investigate the murders of 2 Serbian club owners by the insurance company. You see, there's a 3rd club owner left, and if he dies the insurance company has to pay a lot of cash so Mike needs to find this killer to prevent that from happening. Along the way he uncovers a white slavery operation. Helping him is a former priest-turned-cop (an interesting character) and various strippers.
In a subplot we see how Mike can't let go of his ex-wife but als has to face up to the fact he knows he's not likely to stay faithful to her.
There's quite a bit of unflinching violence and some sex which gives the book a nice pulpy feel. The character is interesting and the fact the writer has experience as a cop and lawyer himself gives it all a nice authentic feel to go with it, preventing it all goes to far into Men's Adventure territory.
I've got the first two Duncavan novels on my To Review Pile as well and I'm looking forward to doing so.

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