Saturday, January 12, 2008

High Profile (Jesse Stone) by Robert B. Parker

A well-known radio figure / political commentator is found hanged and shot in Paradise, Mass. Police chief Jesse Stone of course investigates. There's an abundance of ex-wives to talk to as well as a bodyguard and some media figures. In a subplot Jesse Stone asks Parker's other series character Sunny Randall to bodyguard his own ex-wife, Jenn who says she's been raped and now stalked.
Jesse has to confront the fact he just can't seem to get himself separated from his ex, a problem Sunny seems to share. A problem that hinders their relationship.
Parker shows some pretty good writing when he gets into Jesse's head and he manages to brilliantly portray his agression and despair. A much more flawed character than Spenser it makes the story less 'standard' than the Spenser ones. I still love the Spenser novels the most for sheer fun but the Jesse Stone series is proving to be a better one in quality.


Feisty Crone said...

I'm not a fan of the Jesse Stone series, but I will try this one. I love the Spenser series (I've read them all), but the last few have been too predictable (or maybe I've just noticed this).

Thanks for the post.

Randy Johnson said...

I, too, think the Jesse Stone books are superior to his recent Spensers. I've heard they are making a Jesse Stone telefilm not based on one of the novels.