Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Drop Of The Hard Stuff (Matt Scudder) Lawrence Block

It shouldn't be a secret to fans of PI fictions that Lawrence Block is a master craftsman of the genre. His return to fan favorite Matt Scudder should be reason to celebrate, and is.
Because Scudder was starting to get a bit too old for his adventures and his life seemed to become somewhat too mellow in the last few outings it became harder for him to star in the hardboiled tales we crave. In a brilliant move of telling a story in the gap in Scudder's history he didn't tell us about before Block manages to bring Scudder back to his old glory.
Still working as an unlicensed PI, living in a hotel, Scudder is determined to find out who killed his boyhood friend Jack. Jack, a fellow alcoholic has made up a list of amends to make. Because Jack lived his life as a criminal there's a lot of people who might have problems with the list, sending Scudder on a mission through New York, knocking on doors and asking questions. It's a great plot for Block to show off what he does best: offer interesting back stories and great, great dialogue.
There's still a lot of unknown years to cover for Block... Let's hope he does!


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