Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Temptation Town (Jack Barnett) by Mike Dennis

I'm a big fan of novelettes as ebooks. Mike Dennis shows how much is possible with this format in this one.
Jack Barnett loses his PI license in LA, and fearing criminal prosecution, heads over to Las Vegas.
Over there he is hired to find a missing daughter. He ends up clashing with pimps and encounters his own feelings of guilt.
The story is 12,000 words, nice and short but packs a huge emotional and gritty punch. Who needs a full novel when you can reach so much with a novelette?
This novelette proves Mike Dennis is a crafty writer and a huge asset to the world of PI fiction.


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Dana King said...

You have pointed out what may be the primary influence of e-books on writing. Length is no longer a consideration. Flexible price points mean the removal of padding from some stories to accommodate the publisher's marketing department. This may be a true win-win situation for writers and readers both.

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Mike Dennis said...

Jochem, thanks for the prominent feature of TEMPTATION TOWN on Sons Of Spade. I appreciate the opportunity.