Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baronne Street (Burleigh Drummond) by Kent Westmoreland

I already knew Kent Westmoreland writes fantastic short stories, but with this one he proves he can also write a great novel.
Suave New Orleans fixer Burleigh Drummond investigates the murder of the one woman he really cares about, Coco. Soon he and his not-quite psychotic but very dangerous sidekick are hip-deep into Big Easy crime and politics and facing off a gay mobster and his thugs.
Kent really knows how to write first-person stories. We're right there with Drummond as he tries to come to grips with the guilt and losses he feels.
The mystery isn't that great, but the atmosphere and the quality of the writing itself is high-class stuff as is Burleigh Drummond's character.
This is one of those crime-writers you maybe hadn't heard of before but should be reading if you like this blog.

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