Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cobra Clutch (Hammerhead Jed Ounstead) by A.J. Devlin

Now this is what I like. A fast-paced and funny ride with a great new PI.
Jed "Hammerhead" Ounstead walked away from professional wrestling when he hurt a friend. Now he works as a bouncer and for his PI father.
When an old partner asks for his help in tracking down his kidnapped pet snake he gets involved in a murder investigation. Luckily he's getting some help from an attractive female cop, his Irish buddy Declan (who has some very funny lines) and his dad.
What makes this book so cool is that Jed is a fun character with a painful past. That is, shit happened but there is some lightheartedness to him, his wit and his love of banana milkshakes. There's also a lot of fast-paced action and with 250 pages it never gets boring.
A great, enjoyable modern PI novel.

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