Saturday, May 11, 2019

Free Fiction: Man's Ruin Part Four (A Lenny Parker serial) by Jochem Vandersteen

Lenny Parker, PI / roadie / metalhead is back in a new serial, every new part starting with a metal video. He’s my slightly more humorous version of the PI. He doesn’t exactly know what he’s doing and sure as hell isn’t the martial arts master my Noah Milano is. In the first episode of this new story he was hired to track down the girl who robbed an old buddy of his lottery ticket. See previous parts here.
This time the video is Alice Cooper's big hit Poison. Read the story and it will make sense.


“That was good,” Janey said and handed Lenny the glass back. “Wouldn’t mind another one.”

“You got it,” Lenny said and ordered a new one. He handed it her, this time she sipped it more slowly. Good thing too, this case would be getting expensive otherwise and he didn’t have that much cash. Not until he finished the case successfully and managed to get Keith’s lottery ticket back.

“Haven’t seen you around before, baby… You look pretty rock ‘n’ roll. I dig that. You in a band?” Janey asked.

“Yeah, I’m a bassplayer,” Lenny said.

She moved closer to him, running a finger across his chest. “Those are usually the most sexy.”

Lenny swallowed. He wasn’t exactly used to getting hit on by women that hot. It’s not like his band had any groupies yet. He had to force himself to keep his head clear and on the case.

“Good to hear. You come here often?”

Janey smiled mischievously. “I come as often as I can anywhere.”

That girl had some lines. Lenny couldn’t help and feel a slight stir in his jeans. “That’s a good way to think, I guess.”

Poison, by Alice Cooper started playing. That got her excited. “I love that song. Come dance with me, sugar.”

What she called dancing was more rubbing herself up and down Lenny’s rotund body. Not that he minded. He could see Casey at the bar, shaking her head in disbelief. Dancing, she move her lips closer to his and tasted his lip. Tongues interacted and he loved the way the whiskey taster on her tongue. This wasn’t a bad case to be on, really.

“How’s about you take me to your place, sugar?” she whispered in his ear.

“That sounds really good,” Lenny admitted. “We’ll have to call a cab though, a friend drove me over.”

“Sure,” she said. “I’m going to the little girl’s room while you call one,” she said and walked off.

Lenny joined Casey at the bar. “Looks like I hit paydirt.”

“You’re right on the dirt-part. What a cheap whore,” Casey said.

“You almost sound jealous,” Lenny noted.

“Fuck you, heterosexual.”

“Right. I’m going to take her home. I gotta call a cab. Thanks for taking me over here.”

“Sure, enjoy. And watch your dick. You only got one.”

“I won’t be sleeping with her. I’m a professional. I’m just going to try and find out where she has the lottery ticket.”


Janey returned from the toilet and put an arm around Lenny. “Ready to go, baby?”

They walked outside, the cab just arriving. They got in the car and as soon as they were seated Janey put her tongue in Lenny’s ear. He saw the driver looking at her lecherously. Lenny gave him his address and they drove off.

Lenny barely had time to pay the driver as Janey pulled him along, out of the car to his apartment building. They walked over to his place, Lenny somewhat fumbling with the keys as Janey was now rubbing his crotch. Man, he wasn’t used to that.

The door opened and they went in. Janey looked around the place. “Nice bass guitars.”

“Thanks,” Lenny said. He was pretty happy with them as well, they looked pretty cool on his wall he thought. “I would have cleaned up the place if I knew I would have female company though.”

“Never mind. Just take me to your bedroom, baby. I want you.” She threw her jacket off, then pulled her top off, displaying a lacy black bra and small but firm breasts.

Lenny felt eager to take her to the bedroom and enjoy all of the good things her body seemed to offer. Then he decided he was a professional and locked the door of his apartment.

“No, we stay here,” he told her.

“What do you mean, here?” Clearly she wasn’t used to that.

“In the living room. You stole something from a buddy of mine. I want it back.”

“I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.”

“The lottery ticket you stole. He wants it back.”

“You’re creeping me out. I’m outta here.” Janey walked to the door, but Lenny blocked it with his rotund body, arms crossed.

“Just get me the ticket and you can go.”

“This is kidnapping! I’m calling the cops!” Janey said.

“I’m pretty sure you won’t do that,” Lenny said.

She charged him like a bull. She crashed into him, Lenny bouncing with his back against the door. She tried to push him away from the door, but Lenny was just to steady on his feet. She tried to knee him in the balls, but he saw it coming, twisting his hip and taking the knee on his leg. Then she went for his eyes, long nails like claws. He grabbed her wrists and pushed her away from him. She fell down on his couch.

“You bastard!” she said.

“I’m really sorry, but I really want you to give the lottery ticket back. I’m not going to hurt you, but I’m also not going to let you leave until you do.”

“I know some nasty people, asshole. They will really enjoy killing you.”

Lenny really didn’t like being threatened. He didn’t want to die and was no hero. Still, he took on Keith’s case and couldn’t just back down. So he tried to act as much as a tough guy as he could.

“Many have tried. As you can see no one has succeeded.”

Then she started to cry. “It’s not as cut and dried as you think. I need the money. I’m in trouble.”

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